The Top 5 Rules for Food and Wine Pairing

At La Vista, our highest priority is to give you a fine dining experience that you will never forget. Therefore, in anticipation of our grand opening, we want to give you our top 5 rules for food and wine pairing.


pairing food and wine is an art

Food and Wine Should Complement Each Other!



1.      Match Rich Foods with Higher Alcohol Content

Many wonderful foods that we thoroughly enjoy have a high level of fat content in them. Therefore, in order to match a fatty food with a great wine, the wine must balance the food’s richness with a higher alcohol content.

2.      Match the Food and Wine’s Acidity Levels

Acidity within wines gives the wine a sense of freshness and ‘zing’.  So make sure that the wine’s acidity levels at least match the food’s acidity level. Otherwise the wine will appear bland and tasteless.

3.      Match Salty Foods with Sparkling Wines

Salty foods can at times make your wine taste weird or even bitter. However, sparkling wines work really well with salty or fried foods because of the carbonation in them. The carbonation creates a yeasty taste which is similar to beer and cleanses the palate of any salt. So if you are enjoying a plate of fried potatoes or oysters, a sparkling wine is your best choice.

4.      Match Your Dessert with a Sweeter Wine

When taking your dessert with a fine wine, you need to ensure that your wine tastes sweeter than the dessert. This is because there are different degrees of sugar present in different wines. If the dessert is perceived to be sweeter than the wine, it strips the wine of its sweetness and it can then appear to be bitter and unpleasant to the taste buds.

5.      Match Light Foods with Light Wines

Our fifth and final rule is a really easy one to remember … light wines are best matched with light foods. While heavy foods are best paired with heavy wines. Of-course this is a GENERAL rule of thumb and you can do your own experimentation but if in doubt, this is the way to go!

We hope that you have enjoyed our top 5 rules for food and wine pairing .

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